Your Pictures

Many of the skilligimink goodness on these pages are photos from my own camera. They are licensed Attribution-NonCommercial through Creative Commons. Please follow those guidelines.

Other images are from Flickr or elsewhere. If your photo is included on these pages, we attempt to follow the “Share this” features to add your image to this blog. In most situations, this adds credit text (name of image and Flickr account name with links) to the blog post.

Please note: We are not attempting to take credit for your image. If you’d like additional information or text added to your image’s post, please contact us.

Takedown Notices

If your image appears on these pages and you would like it not to appear on these pages, please contact us and we will comply!


If you have a Skilligimink photo, image or text that you would like to submit to the editors for consideration, please contact us!