Pink Dump Truck

Pink Dump Truck

A Pink Dump Truck

I think pink is an odd choice of color for a dump truck. At least, I used to. Now I know that whenever I see a pink one around my hometown of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, I can be fairly certain that it belongs to the Pretty Girl Trucking company.

I don’t have a website for them, but many thanks to Susan (comments, below) for setting me straight.

(edited 7/16/2015 to correct the trucking company owning this truck)

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  1. Susan

    This is not the one in Macedonia. This is the P.G.T. truck company also known as Pretty Girl Trucking, owned and run by a female. They are located out of Cuyahoga county and are as common out here as any other trucking company. The PGT company in Macedonia has WHITE trucks. Pretty Girl Trucking has pink trucks as a symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness. They also have a cement mixer truck with a giant Pink Awareness ribbon on it. It isn’t road construction time if there isn’t a pink truck involved out here! If you ever see a Cuyahoga owned Pink truck, it is definitely Pretty Girl Trucking with out a doubt!

  2. Jeffrey


    Thank you; I’ll attempt to fix this post.

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